Cybereason Mobile


This section is relevant for customers that integrate mobile device data with all other Cybereason data and manage their mobile devices through the Cybereason platform.

Cybereason Mobile extends the Cybereason platform detection and response capabilities to mobile devices by integrating data from mobile devices with existing data from endpoint machines.

Cybereason Mobile enables you to protect your organization’s mobile devices with detection and prevention on the device itself. You select what mobile threats you want Cybereason Mobile to detect and what response actions you want for each of these threats. Then, Cybereason Mobile can send alerts to the device user and automatically perform response actions to stop these threats.

In addition, through integration with your existing Cybereason platform, Cybereason Mobile enables analysts to have a single place to view events from both mobile devices traditional endpoint sensors, and other data sources. You can use the full capabilities of the Cybereason platform, including the Malops management screen and the Investigation screens to analyze behavior from across your organization.

Watch this video to learn how to use Cybereason Mobile.