Get Started with Cybereason

Welcome to Getting Started with the Cybereason Platform!

Here we’ll provide quick guidance to help you achieve your goals, with links to learn more in our full documentation.

These topics are divided by different roles:

  • Admins are responsible for administration of the platform, deployment and ongoing maintenance of Cybereason platform users, sensors, and servers.

  • Analysts (which include SOC teams) are responsible for management of security incidents, including analyzing and triaging MalOps and for potentially malicious behavior.

  • Integrators are responsible for the setup, configuration, and management of integration between your Cybereason platform and third-party integrations.

Each of the Getting Started topics in this section contains a label indicating the relevant role for the topic.

Basics concepts

Wait! …before you start your journey:

  • Watch this video for an overview of the Cybereason Platform.