About the Cybereason Defense Platform

The Cybereason Defense platform provides military-grade cyber security with real-time awareness and detection. Unlike other cyber security solutions, Cybereason takes isolated suspicious activities and links them together to present a story of an attack, providing a truly end-to-end view of malicious activities.

With automated detection and hunting capabilities, as well as a powerful query engine that allows you to perform your own investigation, Cybereason can analyze eight million events per second, with no downtime or blind spots.

The Cybereason platform provides a minimally invasive sensor, which collects information across your organization without impacting end users or machines. Sensors send collected data to Detection servers, which correlate data across endpoints, analyze it for threats, and detect if your organization is under attack. In addition, through the Cybereason Connect screen, you can add additional supported integrations to retrieve log source data from additional places in your network without the need to add an endpoint sensor. The data from these log sources is integrated with the data from endpoint sensors to give you a full view of all connected parts of your organization.

Using advanced detection techniques, ranging from behavioral analysis to machine learning, the Cybereason platform recognizes relationships among multiple events and determines if they are part of a single attack. Cybereason presents the story of an attack as a MalOp – a malicious operation.

Architecture and UI overview video

Watch this video for an overview of the Cybereason Platform.