This section provides an overview of the NGAV module in the Cybereason platform, which contains the platform’s Anti-Malware, Fileless Protection, Anti-Ransomware, and Exploit Prevention features.

Cybereason NGAV provides comprehensive detection and prevention of malware, ransomware, and malicious fileless operations on endpoint machines. Malicious operations discovered by the platform’s many NGAV protection levels trigger Endpoint Protection Malops. NGAV protection and prevention works together with EDR collection and detection on the sensor, defending your organization against a broad spectrum of malware, fileless, and ransomware attacks. Once detected, you can instruct the Cybereason platform to prevent some malware from running and causing damage.

Exploit Protection enables you to protect your organization against attempts to exploit known vulnerabilities. When you enable Exploit Protection, the Cybereason platform blocks attempts to use these vulnerabilities.