To use these features, you can add the XDR package to your instance of the Cybereason platform for an additional cost. Contact your Customer Success Manager for details about this package.

To help you extend your security protection beyond the traditional endpoint machines, the Cybereason platform adds Cybereason XDR to broaden your security coverage. By ingesting log source data from parts of your organization and your network, you have visibility into activities and potential detection of malicious behavior without the need to deploy additional sensors throughout your organization.

Cybereason XDR, powered by Google Chronicle, integrates with numerous other platforms to ingest log sources from these other platforms. You manage and configure many of these integrations directly in your Cybereason instance from the Cybereason Connect screen. Integrations come from a wide variety of sources and purposes, such as workspace management integrations, identity and access management integrations, and many more.

Cybereason XDR parses the data from these connected integration sources, analyzes the data, and correlates the data across your organization to report suspicious events and XDR MalOps that require further attention and response on your part.

The topics in this section show you how to use Cybereason XDR as part of your overall Cybereason platform experience.