System Maintenance

This section describes what to expect when system maintenance is required for your Cloud deployment.


Maintenance activities are performed by Cybereason Maintenance Team. You are not required to perform system maintenance. The information in this section is included in order to provide a better understanding of these processes and their impact on your solution.

Maintenance guidelines

Cybereason uses a change management process for system changes and maintenance tasks.

When a maintenance fix or upgrade release is ready to go live, the Cybereason Maintenance Team sends a service announcement to all affected parties, informing them of the time frame for installation, maintenance to perform and, where applicable, downtime expected. The Cybereason Maintenance Team typically only sends service announcements when service is impacted or when there is a major change. The Cybereason Maintenance Team sends such announcements 72 hours in advance of the actual event.

You are encouraged to Create a Support case to report any issues.

Planned maintenance (with planned downtime)

Software and infrastructure upgrades which may cause downtime are communicated to customers at least 72 hours prior to implementation (when possible).

Prior to maintenance activity, Cybereason sends a Service Announcement to affected parties. The Service Announcement briefly describes the work being carried out, the reason, date and time, and services affected. The announcement includes relevant emergency contact numbers.

When required, changes to the maintenance time frame are sent to the customer point of contact. If change windows run longer than anticipated, an additional service announcement is sent to inform the customer.

Unplanned maintenance (with unplanned downtime)

On rare occasions, there may be unplanned maintenance when an urgent issue has been discovered that requires downtime. Service announcements are sent out as soon as possible to notify the customer of expected impact.

If the change is scheduled within 24 hours of the notification, the customer is also notified by telephone.

Software updates/maintenance (without downtime)

Low impact software updates that do not impact service and do not change any major functionality are not reported by a service announcement, unless they directly impact the customer’s operations.

Software updates that directly impact the customer are discussed prior to implementation.